Gift Guide: Presents for Your Co-Workers (under $20)

Hello hello! Merry Christmas season. As promised, here is my second gift guide, this time specifically for your co-workers! You spend 8+ hours a day  with the same people, so inevitably you’re going to get to know each other well. Of course, sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to get your “work friends” depending on how close you are in and out of the office. So I’ve rounded up 10 gift ideas ideal for your co-workers to show that you care. Happy shopping! 

co worker gift guide

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How To Simplify Your Life

One morning a few weeks ago, I opened one of my dresser drawers and was immediately in a bad mood. My workout clothes drawer was a mess again, with t-shirts haphazardly folded & leggings mixed up in sports bras. As the Type-A/neat freak I am, that disorganization instantly pissed me off, thus I started my day very, very cranky.

There were a few other things pissing me off that morning (it was a bad morning), so I decided to write them all down as a hate-list (try it sometime, it helps). Turns out, the stupid/little things that were irritating me I had complete control over to change. Shocker, really. All the things that were pissing me off about had very simple solutions.

The next day, I ordered drawer organizers from Amazon. My messy workout clothes problem was fixed. Just like that.

As an adult, there are a lot of things you have to do. But I’m now in the mindset of making things easier for myself. If there’s something I absolutely hate doing, I try to find a way to make it better. Sometimes it means getting creative or spending a little bit of money, but it’s better than getting pissed off every day over stupid little things.

So below, I’ve listed everyday annoyances with easy solutions to make them more enjoyable. I’m not claiming that you’ll end up loving that chore you absolutely despise, but maybe it’ll make doing it a little better. Read on to simplify your life.

simple joys

sometimes it means just getting a good latte.

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10 Random Things to Keep in your Desk at Work

At work, my co-worker Becky has everything you could absolutely need in her office. From Tide-to-go pens to plastic knives, batteries to a mini hammer to hang a clock in the lobby (I’m not kidding), Becky truly has it all. I lovingly call her my “office mom” because of this. Any time I need Advil or a packet of instant oatmeal because I forgot my breakfast (again), I go to Becky’s office because I know she’ll have it on hand.


Becky’s signature preparedness got me thinking of the random things I’ve often needed/ specifically bought to keep in my desk at work in case of emergencies (or simple everyday occurrences). These things are beyond your typical office supplies that might just come in handy. Keep on reading for ten random things you should always keep in your desk.

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^all these things are from Target. Because of course.

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