The Best Healthy Ice Cream Brands to Try

*Hi there! Super excited to have a guest post~ here on Ampersand. Just like how I love sharing cool new things with you, I love when people share awesome ideas/tips/events with me! Meet my friend & roomie, Haley–ice cream enthusiast & fan of Ampersand. Y’all can follow her on Insta here


Haley is a financial public relations professional living in Philly. Outside of work, you’ll find her running, spinning, doing yoga or loungin’ in the sun with a good book.

It’s the middle of summer, and nothing’s better than a nice, cold ice cream. A few times during the summer I’ll actually just have ice cream for dinner and call it a day (because I’m an adult and I can do whatever I want). However, I really do try to stick to a healthy diet so my ice cream indulgences are minimal, but there’s been a surge of healthy ice cream options so I decided I would try some of the different brands and flavors. I was super excited when Kasia asked me to write a review for the blog! Here are some of my favorites & my honest thoughts about them. 

healthy ice cream

healthy & delicious

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summer necessities

Likes & Favorites: The Second Half of Summer

I can hardly believe it’s almost mid-way through July. As soon as the 4th of July rolls around, I feel like I blink & summer is almost over. Good thing is, we have a month & a half left to soak up the sun and enjoy the easy-living summer has to offer. July has been a blast so far & I’m looking forward to the second half of summer. Here’s what I’ve been liking & favoriting.

summer necessities

summer necessities

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Summer Style: Boho-Chic Dress

My sister and I rarely share clothes. It’s not that we can’t share clothes–we’re generally the same size/body shape–we just choose not to because we have radically different styles. While I’m more classic/preppy & could spend my whole paycheck at J. Crew, Krista’s wardrobe is primarily black and comprised of thrift shop items (she’s a crazy good thrifter). Every once in a while I’ll steal something edgier~ from her, but for the most part we stick to our own closets.

While it seems like we’re missing out on a significant sister-benefit of swapping clothes, I love it because it means I can feature totally different outfits here that aren’t like my style at all. I wrote a post a few weeks ago about my summer style (check it out here!), so here’s Krista’s take on a great summer dress for all of you who are into the boho-chic look.



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