5 Things I’m Loving in My New Apartment

So I moved recently! Still in Philly but in a different part of the city (which I’m OBSESSED with). My roomie Danielle and I have been there a little over a month (crazy–time is going so quickly!) & it’s finally starting to feel settled/like “home.” If you’re anything like me, a move or big change always motivates me to purge things I don’t need anymore & buy pretty new things (Okay maybe I’m using moving as an excuse to splurge at Target, don’t @ me). It also made me reflect on things that I really liked about my old apartment & find things that could have worked better. I’ve gotten some really cool apartment/home decor things recently that I’ve been loooooving so I figured I’d share! Disclosure: you don’t have to move to re-do your space ;) 


my cutest street hehe

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Candlelight & A little Gold: Rustic Holiday Table Inspiration

For the past 3-ish years, my group of friends and I have had Friendsgiving. It started off at Nova where we’d rent out a lecture hall on campus for our 50+ friends, with desks lined with our attempts at classic Thanksgiving dishes. Last year, having just graduated and most of us still shambley from #adulting, we skipped Friendsgiving but brought it back full force this past weekend. Our guest list dwindled from 50 to 15, and we relocated to my friend Chris’s house, but it was probably the best Friendsgiving to date.

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5 Ways to Instantly Cozy Up Your Bedroom

With the change of seasons (and your transition from iced coffees to PSL’s…), it’s the perfect time to make your bedroom extra cozy. Not sure where to start? Here are 5 ways to instantly cozy up your bedroom (that won’t break the bank.)

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