Coffee & Heels: Welcome to the Real World

I woke up in a really sh*tty mood.

As I laid in bed, I mentally made a to-do list of all the things I wasn’t looking forward to: work 8+ hours baristaing, call the credit card company, figure out why the check engine light was on in my car again.

Washing my face and throwing up my hair didn’t improve my mood so I put on some Jason Mraz to try and kickstart my day. As I finished putting on my mascara, I glanced down at my phone and saw an email with the words Job Offer in my notifications.

Dropping my mascara wand, I opened the email and started immediately calling for my dad. As I stood at the top of the stairs and said the words, “I got the job,” tears instantly flooded my eyes in an overwhelming wave of happiness (and sufficiently ruined the mascara I had just applied).

So it looks like I’m officially entering the real world.

Job searching is like an emotional roller coaster. Actually getting a job and realizing, “oh wow, I’m going to be a real adult now” is like riding another equally terrifying and exciting roller coaster. So I’ve decided to write about it in my newest section, Coffee & Heels! Here you’ll find my adventures as I navigate what it’s like becoming an adult, plus any tips I learn along the way. It’s going to be messy. It’s going to be fun. And it’ll sure be one hell of an adventure.

Welcome to the real world, y’all. I hope your coffee is strong and your heels are comfortable because it’s going to be a wild ride.

10 Instant Mood Boosters to Make Your Day Suck Less

Everyone has sh*tty days. It’s just a part of life. Sometimes you just wake up in a bad mood for no real reason. The sun could be shining and everything, but you’re still just generally pissed off. It’s okay. We’ve all been there.

Having had a few bad days in a row, I decided I didn’t want to be in a sucky mood anymore. So I made a list of things that generally help me feel better. You may not be the epitome of positivity by the end of the day, but I promise you’ll feel slightly better. Here are ten instant mood boosters when you’re having a sh*tty day.

bad day title

Make some coffee.

I think the smell of coffee is sometimes better than the drink itself. Or maybe it’s just the feeling of holding a warm mug between your hands. If you wake up in a bad mood, make some coffee. Or tea. Or macha (which my sister tells me is super super good for you. You go, healthy you.) Sip it on your way to work or over breakfast. Doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of summer and 110 degrees. Hot coffee is good for the soul.

Dress up to cheer up. 

When I’m in a bad mood, my first instinct is to throw up my hair and wear leggings. Sometimes I do it, but other times I force myself to get ready. Why? Because if you look good, you feel good. So rock your favorite dress or put on that awesome shirt that makes you look tan. Dressing up makes you feel like a real person and not a sad slob.

Jam out.

This is a pretty obvious one, but everyone loves some good jams. Whether you’re blasting it in your car or through your headphones at work, music is guaranteed to make you feel better. Might I recommend this fab playlist titled Confidence Boost (extremely appropriate for a bad day). Hint: it’s a lot of Beyonce with a side of Katy Perry’s “Firework.”

Do some laundry!

Yes, I’m aware this is a chore. Yes, chores generally make people sad, but doing your laundry will make you feel SUPER productive. Trust me on this one. Folding up some clean clothes will make you feel like you actually did something all day. And even if laundry’s the only thing you’ve done all day, you can still feel like you’ve accomplished something. (Plus you’re probably running out of socks, so you’re welcome for this suggestion.)

Watch a TED talk. 

There’s literally a TED talk for everything. Anything you’ve every wanted to know more about (elephants, grammar, impressive baseball plays, you name it, TED has talked about it) you can watch someone who’s incredibly passionate about the subject speak about it. How inspiring is that? You can literally do a TED talk on Mac & Cheese if really wanted to. Better start practicing, because I’m going to want to see that.

Get off social media. 


Even as an avid Instagrammer, this is probably the best piece of advice on this list. If you’re bummed about being single, you don’t need to see happy engaged couples. If it sucks because you’re still unemployed, you don’t want to see someone posting about their promotion. Just get off all forms of social media and remember that people always seem happier online.

Find some citrus.

The smell of oranges is supposed to boost your mood. Don’t believe me? Science says so. So eat an orange or maybe clean your kitchen with some citrus-smelling cleaner (and surpass all of us just doing laundry on the productivity scale). I also have this lovely citrus body wash that’s delightful in the morning. It’s hard to be sad when you’re smelling so fresh.

Be proactive about your stress. 

Personally, when I get stressed, I want to do something about it. Doing something related to the stress actually relieves stress for me. Maybe I’m crazy, but give it a try. If you’re upset you haven’t lost that weight yet, sign up for a fun exercise class. Like right now. If not having a job post-grad is keeping you up at night (guilty), apply to an awesome job that you’re totally not qualified for. Who cares? Just press send. Sometimes taking control of what’s bumming you out makes you feel better.

To-do lists are everything. 

I’m a big proponent of checklists. Please tell me what’s more rewarding than physically crossing something off a list. Sometimes I like to make super detailed, menial to-do lists, including things like “brush teeth” or “eat lunch.” You’re definitely going to do those things anyways, might as well feel like a boss crossing them off a list.

Get lost in a book. 

Reading is the best way to get out of your head. When you’re absorbed in a in a good book, you can forget about anything. Don’t know what to read next? Well, Ampersand is going to publish the ultimate best reads list really really soon! (*~shameless plug*~)

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’re having a bad day. If so, I hope your day gets better. And if all these tips don’t work and you’re mad at me because you’re still in a bad mood, just look at this puppy.

Because puppies make EVERYTHING better.