New Year, Same (More Confident) You

Is it safe to say that last year kinda sucked for everyone?

Let’s be real: 2016 was a weird year. Don’t get me wrong–I had some really good times & made some really good memories. But on the other hand, there were some pretty big lows, and I feel like 2016 left everyone feeling a little bit… blah.

Good news is that we’re already 17 days into 2017 & we’re all set up for a really awesome comeback. According to the Chinese calendar, 2017 is the year of the rooster (who knew!), which is categorized by being hardworking, confident, courageous and observant–aka an opportunity to absolutely kill it.

I’ll spare you the “New Year New Me” cliche because honestly, we’re all still the same us, but maybe could use a little upgrade.  I don’t have a list of New Year’s resolutions per se, but here are a few things I’m trying to focus on to hopefully make 2017-me a little more confident & ambitious than 2016-me. Maybe my list will inspire you too. Let’s get after it, y’all.   

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