The Brunch Review: South + Pine

Alright, so I ~technically~ went here for dinner (not brunch), but it was so fab that I had to review it. All you Jersey readers, pay attention! This week I’m reviewing South + Pine in good ol’ Morristown, NJ.

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20 Random Things I’m Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving! While I’m thankful for the major things like the wonderful people in my life (shoutout to the parents, Krista, family, my nova & home friends and Ry) and a few big things (my job, awesome apartment, Villanova basketball, Starbucks, white wine & brunch), here’s a list of the random little things I’m grateful for too.

1. Turkey trots

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We have a Jaworski-family tradition of running a Turkey Trot every year. It started with my dad and uncle, but some years we’ve had up to 10 of us running it. It’s a nice way to start Thanksgiving and bond with my dad.

2. Chapstick 


I’m legitimately addicted to Burt’s Bees and I don’t care who knows it.

3. TV shows online


Let’s be real, most of my favorite shows I never watch live. Thank goodness for being able to binge watch them online.

4. Nude heels

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Because when you find the perfect pair, you win at life.

5. Gel manicures


Best feeling= having your nails done. Worst feeling= them chipping. Solution= gel manicures.

6. Raspberries


I’m 95% sure I could eat a whole carton in one sitting. #noshame

7. Semi-sweet chocolate chips


On a similar food note, I keep a bag of these in the fridge at all times. My roommate Haley can attest to this.

8. Sunsets

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photo creds: Joe

What’s better than a good sunset on the water?

9. Emojis


Specifically those above.

10. Frank Sinatra’s Christmas Album 


Which I started listening to approximately 2 weeks ago.

11. The Princess Bride


One of the best movies of all time. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.

12. Cups of tea/coffee


Plus a cozy blanket & some candles.

13. Leggings


Now that I can’t wear them almost every day to class, I appreciate them more on the weekends.

14. The Villanova Church


Have you ever seen anything more perfect?

15. Doing laundry at your parents’ house

Because it’s *~FREE~* (and your mom might fold it for you).

16. Waking up and realizing you have more time to sleep

One of the best feelings in the world.

17. Good pens & legal pads

You know the feeling of writing with a really good pen. Or when you check something off your to-do list. And I just like taking notes on legal pads because it makes me feel important.

18. Fresh flowers


Because they’re just so happy :)

19. Listening to country music in the summer

Specifically, windows down on the way to the shore. It’s the best, y’all.

20. Blogging


And for everyone who continues to read, I’m really thankful for you!

Here’s to Thanksgiving & being grateful for the little things &.

Likes & Favorites: Birthday Weekend

Birthdays are the best days of the year, so why limit them to 24 hours? As long as I can remember, I’ve stretched my birthday out over days (or even a week…), because 1. I’m a birthday diva & 2. It’s more fun. Here are my favorite things from this past ~birthday~ weekend!

Cupcakes on cupcakes

IMG_6903 IMG_6908

One major theme of my birthday: cupcakes. I absolutely adore cupcakes, so I was not complaining when my fabulous roomie got me 4 from Sweet Elizabeth‘s in Manayunk (the salted caramel one was to die for) and my co-workers got me a pumpkin spiced treat from Philly Cupcake. They were all delicious, plus look how cute they are!

Fun fall outfit

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As the birthday girl, I had to make sure I looked **flawless, so I opted for a (basic) fall outfit. It was comfy, warm and stylish.

{Dark Wash Jeans | American Eagle} ♦ {Navy Vest| Gap} ♦ {Knit Sweater | Stitch Fix} ♦ {Suede Booties| DSW}

Good food with my favorite people

I ate very well my birthday weekend. On Friday, Ryan took me to White Dog Cafe (my faaaave) and we had maple-brown-sugar-BACON ice cream for dessert (amazing). Then on Saturday, we went on a double date with my parents down the shore which resulted in nachos, wine and lots of laughs. Can’t complain about good food with even better company.

Surprises & sunsets

I’ve always liked surprises & I think the smallest ones are the best. On Friday, I found this cute little sign on the wall next to my desk, and when I got home, I was greeted by flowers, balloons and a big hug from Ryan. And then on my actual birthday, we braved the chilly autumn weather for a surprisingly beautiful sunset. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Pinterest worthy wall


Haley and I had this HUGE white wall in our living room that we literally had no idea what to do with. After dismissing a gallery wall or floating shelves, we decided on gold dot decals, arranged like confetti. Now it looks like someone actually lives here, plus it always feels like a party. Oh, did I mention this only cost $13?

Liking 23 so far & Favoriting a relaxing, fun bday weekend.