What to Expect from Your First SoulCycle Class

Last weekend, I reached my peak state of basicness: I went to a SoulCycle class. I know, hard to believe it’s taken me this long, but my curiosity finally got the best of me & I wanted to see what the hype was (S/o to Aminah for taking me, you’re the bomb.com). Well, everything you’ve heard about it is true and I get why people are obsessed with it because SoulCycle is absolutely LIT.

SoulCycle is more than just an exercise class, it’s a true experience. That sounds super dramatic & ridiculous, but it couldn’t be more true. It’s not just a spin class. You may roll your eyes at “finding your SOUL” while riding a stationary bike, but trust me, you have to be there to believe it. Yes, it’s an extremely hard workout (you will sweat A LOT) but you actually do walk out of there feeling incredibly empowered.

So if you’re even remotely considering SoulCycle, just sign up & give it a try. And just so have a head’s up, here’s what to expect from your first class. 

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