10 Underrated Apps for 20-Something’s

Recently, I swapped out my little iPhone 5 (not even a 5s, just a 5, barbaric right?) for a new iPhone 6 (only days before the 7 came out–great timing!) I also upgraded my storage from a measly 16 GB to a whopping 64 GB, because why not?

After I realized that I could stop deleting every other picture I took, I started to research new apps to finally download with all my new storage. Problem was, every time I googled “best apps for 20-something’s,” I came up with the same answers: Snapchat, Instagram & Venmo. Like thanks internet, I may have had an iphone 5 forever, but I don’t live under a rock. So after doing a little more digging and just looking at the apps I already have, I came up with this list–ten underrated apps for 20-something’s that you should download ASAP (p.s. they’re all free!)

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