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Your 2018 Digital Detox

Helllloooo & happy 2018! It’s a few days into the new year so hopefully you’re still feeling energized & excited about your resolutions (maybe we can all make it February this time??) I’m personally not a big new year’s resolutions fan (if you are, more power to you!) but I do love a “clean sweep” at the beginning of every new year. Last year, I started 2017 by completely  cleaning out my room/closet which was awesome/refreshing (10/10 recommend). This year, I’m focused more on the digital part of my life. It started off a few weeks ago actually when I realized I deleted the same 10 junk emails out of my inbox every day. Every. single. day. I deleted the same emails without opening them. It got me thinking–why don’t I just unsubscribe so I don’t have to do this every morning? Yea, it took a little bit of time to click through all the annoying unsubscribe links, but I’m way happier now looking at my inbox.

So with that in mind, here are 5 easy ways to do a 2018 digital detox. Let’s face it, a large majority of our lives is digital so might as well make it a little more positive. Oh, and after you read this post, take a break & do something that doesn’t involve looking at a screen ;)

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