Likes & Favorites: Cool Things from The Blog Connect Conference

It’s been a while since I’ve done a likes & favorites! If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram, you probably saw that I attended the PHL Bloggers 2017 Blog Connect Conference over the weekend. It was so awesome to get together with fellow bloggers & finally “meet” people I’ve gotten to know through social media over the past year (shout out to Chrystina for putting the whole event together!) Plus the speakers were absolutely phenomenal, and I feel like I learned a ton about blogging (stay tuned for some exciting changes!) While I could go on and on about all the amazing stuff from the weekend (#1 being free coffee all day because it was at the Saxby’s headquarters, #blessed), I wanted to share just a few cool things things I discovered at the conference that I think you’ll enjoy too. (But if you do want a full recap of the conference, Audrey has a great one here on Brunch at Audrey’s). Here’s the likes & favorites, blog conference edition.

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100th Post!

Welcome to Ampersand’s 100th post! Crazy right? When I started this blog, I worried that I’d have nothing to write about (lol), so my 100th post is a pretty big deal to me. To celebrate, I’m reliving my top 10 favorite posts of all time. Enjoy!

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The Edge

It all started with my GoogleMaps.

Sitting in my car, I started to type in “home.” I have “home” set to my apartment in Manayunk, although it wasn’t until I was typing it in that I felt weird calling my current apartment “home.” Sure, I love my apartment and love my roommate, but is it really “home”?  And thus, the simple task of opening GoogleMaps lead to a philosophical internal debate about what “home” means to me.

This is what I think about as an “adult.”

“Home” really isn’t my apartment in Manayunk. Nor is it my parents’ house in New Jersey. The closest thing to “home” is Villanova, but hey, I don’t really belong there anymore. So really, where is my “home”? Continue reading