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My 5 Favorite Apps for Blogging

For the most part, blogging is really fun. I personally don’t blog full time (I have a regular old 9-to-5 job that I absolutely love) & I blog on the side as a hobby. Even though it’s a hobby, I do spend a significant amount of time writing, taking pictures, posting on social media, etc. etc. And like I said, most of the time being a blogger is really fun, but sometimes it’s really hard work. (I can’t even imagine what it’s like to be a full-time blogger–kudos to you guys).

My friend/fellow blogger Sam (check her out at!) and I have this joke that bloggers never sleep. Every time we’re brainstorming new posts or thinking of yet another Instagram caption, we say “well, bloggers never sleep.” Being a blogger is about sharing your life with your readers, and to some extent, it’s always in the back of your mind. I can’t tell you how many notes I have on my phone about blog post ideas or how many lattes have gotten cold because I have to get the perfect picture (ugh I know, I hate that I get caught up in “do it for the Insta,” too). That said, I’ve tried to strike a balance between just living and putting more effort into blogging. It’s always a process.

Thankfully for all us bloggers out there, there are lots of apps/tools that make this whole “being a blogger” thing easier so our entire life isn’t consumed by blank WordPress templates & the never-ending blackhole of Pinterest (unless you want that, then you do you). Here are some of my favorite apps that making blogging a little easier.

blogger neccessities

other blogger necessities 

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the best books bloggers recommend

The Best Books That Bloggers/Writers Recommend

It’s no secret that I love to write (obviously…) but my true great love is reading. I love reading. Put me in a Barnes & Noble or on the beach with a good book & I’ll be happy for hours. I truly believe good books are good for the soul–hence why I’m constantly searching for new things to read.

I wrote a list of book recommendations here a few summers ago with some of my favorites, but I decided to ask a few of my blogger friends what books they love because, again, most writers love reading & more importantly, we appreciate really really good books. 

Whether you’re looking for a psychological thriller (some of my favorites are thrown in here) or an inspirational self-help book, this list has got it all, complete with commentary. Enjoy!

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100th Post!

Welcome to Ampersand’s 100th post! Crazy right? When I started this blog, I worried that I’d have nothing to write about (lol), so my 100th post is a pretty big deal to me. To celebrate, I’m reliving my top 10 favorite posts of all time. Enjoy!

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