Likes & Favorites: Adulting (part 2)

Last week I defined adulting. This week I have a few thoughts on the subject:

1.  Going grocery shopping on a Sunday is like the Hunger Games. With everything being restocked, you have a slim chance of beating that suburban mom to that last container of hummus.

2. You don’t know the true meaning of “being broke” until you experience that pure joy of seeing your paycheck hit your bank account… only to see it quickly vanish because it’s time to pay rent.

3. Saturdays are for adventures. Sundays are for napping.

4. You’ll miss college in some regards but not having homework= heaven.

5. Post grad, you dread Monday’s more, but Friday’s are even sweeter.

6. You still save extra money to buy alcohol.

I’m sure I’ll have additional thoughts on the adulting matter, but for right now, here are the likes & favorites of the week.

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Likes & Favorites: “Adulting,” Defined

Adult•ing (verb): The act of trying to be an adult, categorized by a general state of confusion, freedom, happiness & exhaustion, with an onset about age 22 or 23. Similar to freshman year of college, except now you’re just a freshman of real life.

Hi, my name is Kasia and I’m currently adulting.

This term “adulting” has recently popped up among my friends, and I feel like it perfectly describes where we are right now. We are not really adults, we’re merely pretending we are because we have no clue what we’re doing. “Adulting” is not the same as “being an adult.” Adulting is being professional during the work week and then acting like a college kid on the weekends.

I realize why most people fear adulthood. It’s when you have to have all your sh*t together all. the. time. Gone are the days where you can sleep through your 8:30 class, throw on sweatpants and drown your fatigue in lattes (okay, we can still do that last one). Now we have to show up, work hard and be responsible.

I’m not saying I don’t enjoy it. I’m just saying adulting is a weird place to be in. Every adult doesn’t remember “adulting” but every college grad wants it to run its course.

Maybe it’ll all make sense eventually (here’s hoping right?). But until then, here are some of the things that I’ve liked while going through this (weird/fun/confusing) transition.

The Birchbox for clothes

Adults need good clothes right? And when do I really have time to shop? Luckily, there’s something called StitchFix and it’s amazing. Basically you fill out a comprehensive style profile, throw in your Pinterest style board (we all have one) and a *~stylist~* picks clothes for you and sends it to your door. It’s a $20 styling fee that goes to your first purchase, then you pay for what you keep and send back the rest for free. It’s basically perfect. Click here and get started because you don’t have an excuse not to.

Healthy ice cream

Summer may be over but that doesn’t mean the heat is. I was really craving ice cream one night but didn’t feel like going out to WaWa to get some (#struggles), so I created my own ice cream. Bonus: it’s healthy.


{Ingredients: 1 banana | Handful of strawberries | 1 cup of milk| Coconut flakes (optional)| Chocolate chips (optional)}

Prep time: 5 minutes | Cook time: 5 minutes

1.  Peel and slice the banana. Cut up the strawberries. Put in a freezer bag and freeze for a couple hours.

2. Throw fruit into a blender with the milk. Add coconut (or other frozen fruit!). Blend well.

3. Put back into the freezer for about an hour.

Easy. Delicious. Healthy.

Spontaneously American

Sometimes I do this thing when I make spontaneous decisions while I’m slightly under the influence of alcohol (See here for an example). Last weekend was Made In America, a two-day music festival in Philly and this year Beyonce was headlining. On Friday night, I bought tickets for Saturday to go with Ryan, his best friend Gabes and the ever fabulous Krista. No, I couldn’t really afford to go, but yes it was worth the memories. Adulthood means responsibility, but without spontaneity, what’s the point of being young?

My big girl apartment

Big moves last weekend for my big girl apartment. In approximately 8 hours, my family and I (with the help of Haley!) assembled a bed frame, IKEA dresser and couch. And then Haley and I bought a rug from the Home Depot. Pro tip: hit up the Depot if you’re looking for quality yet cheap rugs. It’s literally the softest rug I’ve ever felt, btw.


{It’s getting there!}

Jams on Jams

If you haven’t heard Downtown by Macklemore, listen to it immediately. Also watch the music video because it’s epic.

I also made a playlist of feel good jams because why not? It’s a work in progress, so if you have any suggestions let me know!

Liking having free weekends & Favoriting not having homework

10 Random Things You Need On Moving Day

Happy one week anniversary to my new apartment! It’s kind of bizarre to think about how literally a week ago I was packing up all my personal belongings & getting ready for my first week at my big girl job. And I haven’t written in a while because, well, my life has been a little hectic these past seven days. (Let’s just say we didn’t have a working refrigerator until yesterday & I had to sit outside of a closed Starbucks to steal wifi to get online help to set up OUR wifi.)

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