5 Apps to Help You Save Money

I’m a millennial, grad student & a girl just trying to “adult” which means, more often than not, I feel pretty damn broke. (Except for that moment when my paycheck hits my bank account…just to be spent on things like rent/gas/utilities/wine). Saving money is definitely one of the (many) challenges of being an adult, especially when you realize how much things actually cost (hellloooo student loans). Luckily, since this is the 21st century, there are a ton of apps out there specifically designed to help broke millennials like us save some extra $$$. The best part? A lot of these apps don’t require that much work from you so saving money can be effortless~ Read more for my 5 favorite money-saving apps.

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New Year’s Resolution: Not Figuring It Out

When my doctor first told me that I had high blood pressure, my immediate thought was, “I’m way too young to have heart problems.” I’m 23, I work out, eat relatively healthy and manage my stress (for the most part). It was probably a mistake.

But a few months later, I woke up with chest tightness that didn’t go away…for a week. Considering WebMD advised it was either a) a heart attack and I should have been dead by now or b) some rare form of cancer, I decided to go back to the doctor.

Her response? “You’re probably experiencing a prolonged anxiety attack.” (Who knew that  was a thing.) Anti-anxiety meds in hand and instructions to measure my blood pressure 3 times a week, I left the office.

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