7 Ways to Get Over a Breakup

Breakups suck. There’s really no way around that. I went through a breakup a couple months ago and the number one condolence I heard was “everything will be okay eventually,” followed by “time heals all wounds.” And like, I knew those things were true (this is not my first rodeo with heartbreak!) but I got super frustrated because I knew things would be fine in time…yet I kept wondering, “what the hell am I supposed to do in the meantime?”  

Recently, a bunch of my friends broke up with their significant others (seriously, what’s with this year?), and I found myself telling them the same cliches I heard in the beginning (“Everything works out! In time, you’ll be fine, I promise!”) And then they would ask, “but yea, but what do I do now? In the meantime?” Touché, ya got me there.

This is where this list comes in. This is in no way a fool-proof plan to get over your ex (everyone’s different & everyone has their own timeline and that’s OKAY), but here are a few tangible suggestions to help you get you from “sad now” to “happy eventually.” Try one, try them all–hopefully it’ll make you smile a little bit. (And if none of these work, just enjoy the funny gifs & listen to It Ain’t Me on repeat because its a jam/guaranteed to make you feel good).

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Let’s Get Away: {Free} Printable Packing List

If you know me, you know that I’m type-A to a T. And if you know that, you’ll also know that I’m obsessed with my planner, organize my closet by color & make checklists for just about anything. This of course includes a packing list for any sort of trip I take–whether it’s for 14 days or just a weekend getaway. Which is why I decided (with the help of my extremely talented sister Krista) to create an Ampersand Printable Packing List!

vacation packing list 2016 bw

{Want to pin it & save it for later? Click here.}

Print it, customize it & check it off. Take the stress out of packing so you can just be excited to get away. Promise you’ll never forget your sunglasses or favorite bathing suit again.

Click here to download and print!  Happy travels &. 


TV Show Cancellations & Other C-Words

I have a weird habit of crying during TV shows. Not like mindless shows (i.e. anything on HGTV or The Food Network), but actual TV show series (minus The Bachelor). I just get so emotionally involved with the characters that I feel like I know them, hence all the crying. Anyways, two weeks ago I was catching up on one of my favorite series, Nashville (and crying of course) only to go on Facebook after and see that the series had been cancelled. CANCELLED. And then–as if my night could get any worse–I scrolled down a little further to see that Castle had also been CANCELLED. Two of my favorite TV shows cancelled within 15 minutes. Legitimately devastating.

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