Likes & Favorites: Hi October!

My Babci used to say that the sky always seemed bluer in the fall. It might be because of the trees changing colors or just the crispness in the air, but the sky is truly beautiful this time of year. This past weekend was the first time it finally felt like a true fall day & I could not have been happier. And my Babci was right–I’m pretty sure the sky is more blue in the autumn.

Anyways, it’s officially October. Aka my favorite month of the whole year. Not only is it my birthday month (turning 25 oh so soon, what??), but everything is quintessentially fall. I plan on partaking in all the fun, fall activities, drinking all the apple cider & of course, eating all the pumpkin-flavored things. Honestly, no shame. This season goes quick so might as well fully enjoy it while it’s here. Speaking of things I’m enjoying, here’s some likes & favorites to help you make the most out of fall.

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I just want to live in an apple orchard. 

Another $$$ Saving App

I’ve definitely mentioned Ibotta on here before, but I just discovered a new app called Drop that’s basically like free money. All you have to do is link your debit card and select up to 5 retailers to earn points at. Every time you spend money at one of those retailers (like Starbucks, Uber, Target, etc.) you get points. Get to a certain amount of points = a giftcard to a number of popular chains. That’s it. Spend money & get money. You do need an access code to sign up so click here to get started!

Glorious & Other Jams

I’ve always been a Macklemore fan, so I was super excited about his new album that he just released. If you hated Unruly Mess I’ve Made (it wasn’t my favorite either, TBH), give GEMINI a try because it’s 100% different. It reminds me a little more of his old stuff & half the songs I just want to blast with my windows down. Favorites include: Glorious (obviously), Firebreather, Ten Million, Over It & Excavate.

Pumpkin ice cream, because obviously.

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Please don’t act surprised that pumpkin ice cream made this list. I went to Linvilla Orchards this weekend (more on that below…) and had delicious homemade pumpkin ice cream. I didn’t get a chance to find out the name of it, but here are some of my other seasonal favorites:

  • Halo Top Pumpkin Pie: Honestly, Halo Top lives up to the hype. Doesn’t hurt that it’s healthier & has chunks of graham cracker crust in it.
  • Ben & Jerry’s Pumpkin Cheesecake: On the very other end of the spectrum, there’s Ben & Jerry’s Pumpkin Cheesecake ice cream because sometimes “healthy” ice cream just won’t cut it. #treatyoself.
  • Talenti Pumpkin Pie Gelato: Every once in a while I’ll get Talenti because it’s super rich and creamy. Plus it reminds me of when  I studied abroad in Italy (where I had gelato every. single. day).
  • Turkey Hill Pumpkin Pie: I had this last year but I’ve been having a hard time finding it this season. I mean, Turkey Hill is always good so if you can find it, definitely get it.

Fun fall things!!

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Thanks for celebrating fall with me.

Speaking of Linvilla Orchards…I always make it a point to go apple/pumpkin picking in the fall because I’m basic it’s fun & you can only do it once a year, so my sister, her best friend Chris and I went to Linvilla this past weekend. It truly is the mecca of fall because they have everything from hay rides to apple picking, face painting to a farmer’s market. Obviously some things are geared towards younger kids, but we had so much fun as “adults” too. Great for a day with your friends or a fun, fall date. (Oh and any bloggers out there, it’s actually Instagram heaven. I’m pretty sure my entire Instagram this month will be full of pumpkins).

My Birthday Bucket List

This is something I started last year for my 24th birthday. I decided to make a bucket list of all the things I wanted to do between 24 and 25. The items on the list didn’t have to be crazy (“try a new workout class,” “go to the art museum,” “buy lululemon leggings”) or they absolutely could be (“get a tattoo“). It was fun to check off each thing I did and made me look forward to different things throughout the year. So I’m starting my list for 25! I have a few things already written down (attend a blogger conference, visit a city I’ve never been to, drive a Villanova golf cart, try a new Philly restaurant, etc.) but I would love any ideas you have.  Leave me a suggestion in the comment section below!

Liking sweater weather & Favoriting the countdown to my birthday &.

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