7 Apps that Travel Bloggers Swear By

On my bucket list I wrote earlier this year, I included “travel more.” I absolutely love going on trips (one of my simple joys is being on trains/planes by myself, believe it or not), because the whole process is so exciting: planning, finding flights, making itineraries, packing, getting there, etc. etc. Of course, even if you’re going just for a weekend or an entire week, there are a lot of details/logistics to manage before and after you get there. I reached out to some of my favorite travel bloggers to ask them about their favorite travel apps that make traveling that much easier. Check them out before you plan your next trip!


wanderlust & sunsets.


For those who love love love to read reviews.

If you’re trying to find the best hotel, flight, restaurants & more, TripAdvisor is for you. The app allows to access millions of reviews, plus you can ask specific questions on user forums. And the “Use Near Me” feature can help you find cool places based on your location.

“You can download city maps for whatever cities you plan to visit and you don’t need to be connected to wifi or phone service once they’re downloaded! Makes it so easy to navigate!” –Amber of It All Just Clicked

“I read reviews about EVERYTHING! It’s helped me pick hotels, figure out my itenerary, and find hidden gems.” –Becca of Peaches to Pen

Download TripAdvisor here


For those who share travel itineraries with their family, friends, co-workers, dentists, neighbors, dogs…everyone.

Both my dad and I loveee creating itineraries for our trips. We don’t plan every single detail obviously, but the important logistics always find their way into an email sent to our entire family. TripIt is great because you can forward your confirmation emails to a custom email, and they’ll create your master itinerary for you, accessible on your app. Then you can share it with whomever you want & create calendar reminders. It’s a Type A’s dream.

“TripIt consolidates all travel plans and itineraries in one place. The Pro version (fee) has even more functionary for travelers.” –Suzanne of PhilaTravelGirl

Download TripIt here

Google Translate/Google Trips

For those who use ‘Google’ as a verb, often. 

Not gunna lie, Google Translate helped me get through high school French. The app is great because you can translate text, images and even handwriting. Then you can save your translated words/phrases for future reference.

“[Google Translate] audio and images, as well as entered text!” –Sarah of Transfer Ways

Google Trips on the other hand helps you get organized–without you having to do anything.

“Google Trips is super convenient and smart in traversing your inbox and grabbing relevant info.” –Corinne from Reverberations

You can also get suggestions on what’s near by and your current reservations.

Download Google Translate here & Google Trips here.

Guides by Lonely Planet

For those who love the “Best Of City” guides. 

Guides by Lonely Planet features 119 (!!!) city guides, curated by their travel experts. You’ll be sure to hit all the essential hot spots & must see things wherever you go. Plus you can search for fun things to do, based on your specific preferences, budget, etc.

“You can download it offline for different cities you’re in and favorite restaurants, things to do, and places to stay.” –Natalie of One Hundred Years Blog

Download Guides by Lonely Planet here


For those who want to travel on a budget.

Similar to TripAdvisor, Kayak let’s you compare deals on hotels, flights and rental cars. They also have exclusive~ deals for their mobile users so you can save some extra $$$. The app also saves your credit card info so you can book with one touch.

“You can compare flights, email your itineraries, and basically keep your trip info in one place.” –Becca of Peaches to Pen

Download Kayak here


For those who want to get to know the city like the back of their hand.

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I’ve actually used CityMapper in Philly & NYC, but you can use it abroad as well! Get from point A to point B quickly and easily with detailed instructions and real-time status alerts. It’ll help you navigate any city with ease.

“CityMapper tells me quickest route in a city by detailed directions and up to date transit times/delays.” –Suzanne of PhilaTravelGirl

Download CityMapper here


For those who want to pass off as a local.

Ditch the phrase book & actually learn a language. You can choose from 14 languages, and the app will give you 10-15 minute lessons to help you learn quickly and conveniently. And it has speech recognition so you can ensure you’re pronouncing things correctly!

“It’s a full language learning course on your phone! I like it much better than Duolingo because it has much more advanced and specific content.” –Natalie of One Hundred Years Blog

Download Babbel here

What’s the next trip you’re planning? Do you have any other awesome travel apps you love to use? Leave me a comment while I figure out how to solve my wanderlust. &.


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