Likes & Favorites: Your Summer Go-To’s

Memorial Day is right around the corner, making it harder & harder for me to sit in my office all week. I’m craving warm weather days, shore weekends & beach sunsets. I’ve got a couple things I’m liking & favoriting to get me into the summertime mood~ that could become your summer go-to’s as well.

the season of iced coffees

No surprise here that I’m obsessed with coffee (all those years of being a barista). In the summer, I exclusively drink iced coffees. Although I’d love to be able to afford going to Starbucks every day (the dream), I’m still a broke recent grad so I opt for iced coffee I can buy at the supermarket. The Starbucks iced coffee is always a fan favorite (get the unsweetened–the sweetened ones are a little much), but I recently tried Stok Cold Brew (thoughts on how to pronounce it? LMK) & got my co-workers addicted to it too.

^how soothing is that.

Roll those windows down & drive

Nothing makes me feel inexplicably alive & young than driving with my windows down with music blaring. Summertime = country music, and I’m loving Spotify’s Country Gold playlist. It’s a mix of oldie but goodie songs & it gets updated every Friday. Happy listening, y’all.

Be Kissable

I love lip stain for special occasions (or just going out to the bars, whatever). I love chapstick (*specifically Burt’s Bees obvi) for every day. But sometimes I want a little pop of color during the week but still get the benefits of chapstick. Enter Burt’s Bees lip shimmer. Trust me, I’ve tried so many tinted lip moisturizers, and this one is the best. It actually stays on while hydrating your lips. Win-win. (Buy herePictured shade: Raisin.

Burts Bees lip color

^little behind the scenes of the life of a blogger

Love your skin

Between tanning, swimming, salt water, etc., my skin can get super dry in the summer. I’m really loving Dove’s Foaming Body Wash right now because it’s light and airy but also hydrates my skin at the same time. Plus the cucumber & green tea scent is super summery and fresh. Available at Target and most pharmacies.

Dove shower foam


Kick up your heels

You all know how I feel about nude heels. I convinced myself that I “needed” these strappy heels for this summer & I’m absolutely obsessed with them. They’re actually not as uncomfortable as you would think, and the thick block heel makes them easier to walk in. I wore them for 6+ hours to my sister’s graduation (see below) so I’d say they’re definitely worth it. You can grab a pair here (PS. they come in 3 different colors!)

Liking the upcoming three-day weekend & Favoriting the beginning of summer. &.


8 thoughts on “Likes & Favorites: Your Summer Go-To’s

    • Kasia Jaworski says:

      They’re the BEST. I recently discovered them. I’ve tried tons (and I mean TONS) of tinted lip moisturizers and I think the Lip Shimmers are the best–they actually stay on all day! Thanks for reading. xo,Kasia

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