Likes & Favorites: Merry, Merry

It’s been a while! December always seems to fly by & this one has been no different. Hard to believe Christmas is basically a week away, so as you get into the spirit, here’s what I’ve been liking & favoriting during this wonderful (and sorta crazy) season.

A (Christmas) focus playlist

When I was in college, I used to listen to instrumental music/movie soundtracks when I studied. Of course, finals always fell right before Christmas, so to get in the holiday spirit, I would listen to Trans-Siberian Orchestra. It’s perfect because it’s easy to focus to but you still get a little Christmas thrown in there. Whether you’re stuck in the library with exams or at the office desperately trying to get through this last week, hopefully this will bring you a little holiday joy.

Last minute stocking stuffer

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Big shoutout to my best friend Emy for getting me this adorable Kate Spade travel mug. I love it because it’s Christmasy enough but also you can use it throughout the winter. If you’re still searching for some stocking stuffers, you can buy it here. (P.S. There’s a 30% off sale/free shipping now through the holidays!)

Clear your head

As great as the holidays are, sometimes they can be a little stressful. I recently downloaded the app Headspace, a meditation app, mostly because I was curious about it. Meditation is not totally out of the realm of possibility for me considering all the yoga I do, but really meditating has always intimidated me. I really like Headspace because it explains what meditation is and walks you through step by step–in a very non-intimidating, easy to understand why. Plus the guy who narrates it has the most soothing voice ever. I’m no meditation expert by any means, but I do have to say it has helped clear my mind on particularly hectic days, which is always nice. Give it a try.

Christmas cocktails


Photo c/o Lark & Lace

What’s better than Christmas? Christmas with cocktails. I’m excited to try out this Sage & Cranberry Cocktail, courtesy of Lark & Lace.

What you’ll need:
– Sparkling Cranberry juice
– Lemonade
– Art in the Age SAGE
–  Sage and cranberries to garnish

  1. Fill a glass halfway with ice.
  2. Pour one part SAGE & two parts sparkling cranberry over ice.
  3. Splash of lemonade. Stir.
  4. Garnish: fresh cranberries & sage

Want more ideas? Check out this post from Skinny Affair & this one from Unusually Lovely. Cheers!

Party Hoppin’

Tis the season of holiday parties, and it just so happened I had two to attend…on the same night. One was for my company at a bar in center city and the other was a Villanova alumni party at the Ritz. Needless to say, they definitely had different vibes (Mac and cheese & Pitbull songs to crystal chandeliers & ladies in mink coats) but both were a blast. I’ll take any excuse to dress up and drink (at open bars) with my friends.

Liking Christmas scented candles & favoriting blogging on a dreary winter day. Happy Holidays! &.

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