Likes & Favorites: Hello, September!

Hello, September! As much as I’m a true summer girl at heart, I’m getting excited for scarves, boots and pumpkin everything (obviously). Besides that, my summer has been absolutely crazy (in the best way), so I’m ready to slow down a bit and relax. To make saying goodbye to summer a little easier, here are some things I’ve been liking.

Spiked & Sparkling

I featured Spiked Seltzer in another one of my likes & favorites post, but this new spiked seltzer that I tried over the weekend is SO much better! It’s called Truly Spiked & Sparkling and it’s 5% alcohol with only 100 calories and 1 gram of sugar. It’s not too sweet and super light aka perfect to day drink during your Labor Day weekend (you’re welcome).

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better than beer

Case & point

So I (finally) got an iPhone 6 (I know right), meaning I had to get a new phone case. I shopped around a bit, but finally decided on ordering from Casetify. Why do I like them? Well for one thing, their cases are actually sturdy and will protect my phone. That and they have a TON of really cool designs and back-plates that you can switch in and out depending on your mood. The*: The cases are a bit pricey but if you sign up for their emails, you get a discount.

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Fall nails

Say goodbye to Essie’s Fiji and hello to dark nails for the fall. I’m obsessed with Essie’s Off Tropic which is the perfect shade of hunter green. Pro tip: Use 2-3 coats and finish off with the gel top coat. You can get it at most pharmacies!

Fashionably responsible

Every fall, I get this urge to completely clean out out my closet and buy all new clothes. This fall is no different, and my friend at work told me about H&M’s Garment Collecting program. Basically you bring your old/worn out clothes (regardless of brand, doesn’t have to be H&M) to the store and they’ll either give your clothes to charity (if they’re in good shape) or recycle the textiles to make new clothing. And then they reward you for being a good person by giving you a discount at H&M. Win-win.


Squad up

I had the best end to my summer when I had nine of  my best friends down my shore house last weekend for a lot of talking, drinking and laughing. There’s nothing better than watching the sunset with some of the best people in the world.


Liking Drake (more than I’d like to admit) & Favoriting having my last summer Friday tomorrow. &.

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