Likes & Favorites: Vacation on my Mind

I’ve always loved to travel. I love people-watching in airports, the click-click-click-click  of train station boards changing & I routinely play “how much can I actually fit in my Longchamp” while packing. As a matter of fact, I’m writing this on a train which seems like a very blogger-esque thing for me to do.

With summer around the corner and my vacation time already booked, I’m dedicating this week’s Likes & Favorites to travel. All aboard.

Pick a playlist

One of the best pieces of travel advice I ever received was this: dedicate a playlist to your trip. Preferably a new playlist or an album you haven’t listened to yet. During long car rides, 3-hour layovers or walking around town, listen to that playlist. That way all your memories are tied to those songs & no matter when you hear them, you’ll be immediately brought back to your travels.

When I studied abroad in Italy (which is when I started blogging, fun fact), I would listen to the album Native by One Republic during long bus rides through the Tuscan hills. Every time I hear “Counting Stars” or “Life in Color,” it’s like I’m 21 again, dreaming of gelato. But my Italian nostalgia aside, it’s a great album. Dedicate it to your next trip for me.

Fly me to the moon

Or honestly, just fly me anywhere for cheap. Shout out to my bestie Kara for telling me about Skiplagged, a website that helps you capitalize on layovers. You put in where you want to go and Skiplagged will help show you the cheapest flights–which may include you purchasing a ticket to a different destination city with a layover in your desired one. This “hidden city ticketing” means that you just don’t get onto the connect flight. Who knew layovers could be helpful instead of annoying?

You’ve got it in the bag

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travel necessities

Give a girl a good bag & she’s unstoppable. I recently bought this overnight bag from Target, and it’s honestly the perfect size for weekend trips. If you’re tired of your Vera Bradley duffle bag that you’ve had since 8th grade, upgrade with one of these awesome totes.

{Other items: Jack Rogers Palm Beach Thong | Ray-Ban Original WayfarerThe One & Only}

Travel like a Type-A 

And get organized. Traveling is way easier with an itinerary and a plan–save the spontaneity for when you get there. I’ve tried a bunch of different travel apps, but I found that I like TripCase the best. It basically creates a travel itinerary for you so you all you have to do is worry about a packing list. Add things like meeting times, car rental information or hotel confirmations to keep all your travel details in one place. Check it out!

I love airport reunions 

Like I said, I’m a people watcher & nothing gets me more emotional than an airport reunion. The hugs, the tears, the laughter. It’s the best. Recently, Ryan came back from Copenhagen after 4 months, and I surprised him at the airport. To quote my Instagram, seeing him felt the same way as Villanova winning the National Championship. Aka my biggest Like & Favorite of the week (or the month).

Liking the excitement of travel & Favoriting planning my next trip. &.