The Big East Tourney: A Poem of Sorts

Coffee and a long drive.

Nova t shirt–washed & clean.

It’s time for the best day of the year. 

More coffee & a longer train ride.

Are we there yet? We’re getting close.

Tickets, email, wait where’s the bar…

10 minutes later: We haaaave arrived!

Neon sign, lots of dark wood.

Bloody Mary for Joe, mimosa for me

(I’m pretty sure I’m the only girl in this bar).

Collared shirts and slapping palms,

Grown up frat boys playin’ hooky. 

1, 2, 3, 5 Miller Lites,

Clicks and clacks–metal caps hit the bar.

Check my watch, it’s a quarter ’til.

Then finally, it’s time.


M. S. G.

The mecca of sports.

More beer, better seats,

Ref walks out,  we’re Nova Nation.

There’s the tip off…

And the hush…

Sneakers hit the floor.

Bounce, pass, shoot.

Cheer, sigh, curse.

I can’t believe he did that.

I can’t believe you didn’t see that!

Score runs up, players run out,

It’s time for more beer. 

Dollar bills are passed around.

(When you’re one of the guys, you’re expected to gamble)

A nod hello, a shake of the hand,

Nova friends are everywhere.

8-minute mark, let’s go boys you can do it.

Arcidiacono, he’s my favorite,

Nova nation, you did it again! 

This year you’ll make us proud. 


Second game are for soft pretzels.

More gambling, more dollar bills.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter the team that’s playing,

It’s all for the love of the game. 

Fast-forward, second bar.

Hi, I’m James, I played with Coach Wright.

(Wait, I can’t believe you played with JAY)

That’s right, he’s a great guy.

…If we could only all be so lucky.

Fast-forward, second train.

Rush hour, saving seats, and pizza.

Yes, you heard what I said, pizza. 

(We’re assholes, we know, sorry we’re hungry)

Sometimes you just have to have pizza.

Passing lights, sleepy eyes, shoulder to rest on.

A new tradition every time.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what team’s playing,

It’s all for the love of the game.

Welcome to the best day of the year. &


{A big thank you to Joe for inviting me to the Big East Tournament every year & a bigger thanks to his two best friends for letting me to tag along}

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