10 Random Things You Need On Moving Day

Happy one week anniversary to my new apartment! It’s kind of bizarre to think about how literally a week ago I was packing up all my personal belongings & getting ready for my first week at my big girl job. And I haven’t written in a while because, well, my life has been a little hectic these past seven days. (Let’s just say we didn’t have a working refrigerator until yesterday & I had to sit outside of a closed Starbucks to steal wifi to get online help to set up OUR wifi.)

Good news is we finally have the internet and I can stop eating non-perishable foods, plus I made a note of all the random little things I wished I had this week while moving in. Forget about cleaning supplies and hangers, here are the 10 ~random~ things you’ll never think of when moving but totally need.

Toilet paper

That awkward moment when you arrive at your new place after two hours in the car and you really have to pee and all you have is a small pack of tissues. Grab an extra roll before you leave and thank me later.

Hand soap

A logical bathroom item to bring with the toilet paper.

Twist ties for your electronics

Between lamps, surge protectors, kitchen appliances and internet cables, you’re going to have a lot of wires hanging around. Use twist ties to keep them together and untangled. It’ll save you some heartache later.

Duct tape

At my last apartment, I would go through a roll of duct tape every month. I can’t remember exactly what I used it for, all I know is that you’ll need it. It basically fixes anything.

Goo gone

Goo gone is actually magical. It’ll save you all that frustration from not being able to get a sticker off all the way. (They always leave that white paper and sticky residue behind. Annoying.) The new windows in our apartment had these huge stickers on them, but with the help of Goo gone, 5 minutes later those stickers came right off. My mother swears by it and I finally understand why.

Bed, Bath & Beyond Coupons

Ignore those expiration dates and stock up because Bed, Bath & Beyond Coupons will help you maintain your status as a slightly-broke apartment owner without slipping into the only-can-afford-ramen territory. BONUS: you can use one coupon per item regardless of price. My roomie and I had about 25 coupons that quickly depleted during our 4+ trips to Bed Bath this week. Talk about savings.

Pen & paper

For when you need to make a list to go to Bed Bath but your phone dies and your charger is in the deep recesses of your suitcase.

Tape measure

(Or if you’re like my dad, a whole tool set). Great for hanging pictures and measuring windows for curtains/shades, a tape measure is a necessity. You could eyeball it, but the you’ll be going back to Target for the third time for tension rods.

Light bulbs

Even if you swore that lamp had a working lightbulb last semester… No one wants to sit in the dark their first night.


For those times when you and your roommate are laying on the floor of your empty apartment, both on hold with separate customer service reps trying to figure out how to set up your wifi and wondering if this is what it’s like to die a slow painful death by Comcast.

I lied before. Duct tape doesn’t fix everything, wine does.

Happy moving! &.

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