Likes & Favorites: Big Changes & Reasons for Champagne

This week has been full of BIG changes. I’ve officially ended my barista career (for now), but I’ll continue to be a Starbucks diva and offer unique coffee recommendations whenever you want it. And as of yesterday, my roommate and I found an amazing apartment, thus relieving my fear that I would be homeless in Philadelphia. So between thinking about packing, procrastinating packing & popping champagne, here are some other things I’ve been liking & favoriting during this exciting week.

Sangria for the last weeks of summer

Last weekend, we had our favorite family friends down the shore, which called for good food and even better drinks. I found a white sangria recipe. I tweaked it a little bit. Now you can make this signature summery drink for the last days of summer.

{Ingredients: 6 tablespoons of sugar | 1 lime | 2 lemons | 2 ripe peaches | 3 granny smith apples | 1 pint of raspberries | 1 double bottle of white wine– I used pino grigio! | club soda (optional)}

Cut up all the fruit and put into a large pitcher. Add the sugar. Add your wine. Let it chill for at least 5 hours. Serve in (large) wine glasses with a splash of club soda.


A big girl bag

With starting my job at the end of the month (eek!!!), I decided I needed a big girl bag. Only down side is that I don’t have a big girl budget. Luckily, my good friend Katherine recommended this chic faux leather tote, perfect for commuting, a night out and other adult things. It looks expensive without breaking your bank. {Also comes in black!}

New driving jams

This week also came with a lot of driving. Good thing I have some new jams! Y’all know I’m obsessed with Renegades by X Ambassadors, but their whole album is good. Give it a listen. My favorites include Loveless and Gorgeous.

My super talented sister

My sister Krista is always my favorite obviously, but she was working on this multi-canvas piece for a friend over the weekend and I was once again amazed by how incredible she is. Check out her Instagram, Society 6 shop, or message her for a custom art order!

A new social network

If you scroll down and press the little “see more” option at the bottom of the page, you’ll see a cute new badge for the Her Campus Blogger Network! Ampersand is officially part of this extensive blogger network, which is super exciting! Bloggers, it’s super easy to apply & you should totally do it! Everyone else, find awesome blog posts on the HCBN Pinterest page (& be sure to follow Ampersand on Pinterest too!)

Liking being home for the first time in a week & Favoriting watching Bachelor in Paradise right after this.

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