Likes & Favorites: Post grad life.

I’m officially back in Jersey. For good. I think. Graduation has come and gone (like what?) and now I’m just a washed up alumna. (Except I hate that word so I’m sticking with “recent grad” for a while).

Anyways. What has my life looked like since I moved that tassel and walked across the stage? Well, a lot of moving (and a little unpacking), lots of driving (and a little sleep), LOTS of beach yoga (plus a lil sunburn), lots of chaos and a little freakout over what I’m doing for the rest of my life. All I know is that I’m chillin’ in Jersey for a while, doing lots of writing and editing for multiple websites (which I’m loving) and a lil job searching but mostly just trying to make sense of it all (like everyone else who just graduated). Here are some things I’ve been liking amidst the craziness of moving home.

Spotify premium & Zac Brown. 

Spotify is selling premium for 99 cents for THREE MONTHS. If you haven’t done it yet, do it now. It’s ~*magical*~ And since I have premium (perfect for all those car rides I spent moving my stuff around), I’ve been finding new music. Zac Brown Band’s album JEKYLL + HYDE is top notch and truly is a two-sided album. Favorites include Wildfire (if you’re feeling country), Junkyard (if you wanna rock out) and Mango Tree (a jazzy wildcard that is simply delightful). Listen below!

A career site that actually works.

I used to think cover letters were the worst part of applying to a job. And then I realized the actual searching for jobs was the worst part of applying to a job. Well, I stumbled upon this nifty little website called ZipRecruiter and it’s pretty nice. It keeps track of your applied jobs and suggests other opportunities that you might be interested in. Best part? You can avoid cover letters because most postings just want a resume. (I’ve gotten three calls already in less than a week so I think it’s working!) Happy searching.

Money matters. 

On the same adult-ish note, I’m trying to be better about keeping track of my money (because that’s what people in the real world do, right?). I found this (free) app called Mint that you hook up to your online bank account and it keeps track of your spending. You can set budgets for each of your expenses (shopping, gas, alcohol…) and it automatically sorts your purchases and tells you if you’re on track (I had to up my coffee budget, just saying). Plus it’s pretty colors. Doesn’t hurt to be money savvy when you’re broke, right?


This is me when I went to go get ice cream & luckily found money on my Wildcard because I had no cash.

[For more money saving apps for broke college students/grads, check out this Her Campus article!]

I’ve been writing a lot (shocker). 

Hence the hiatus in personal blogging! Here’s some cool stuff I’ve written lately:

Read this if you’re totally a beach bum yet it’s only the second week of summer. Or maybe this if you’re constantly being accused of being a flirt. Re-live finals season with Ryan Gosling gifs or rock the first day of your internship with these tips. Or just ignore me and chalk all this up to me being a diva.

Ampersand is going ~*viral*~

Woohoo! Big things. I’m finally taking another step with my blog and setting up social media for it! Be sure to like Ampersand on Facebook and follow me on Instagram for all the updates and fun bloggy things.


Liking sleeping in my big bed again & Favoriting avoiding unpacking at all costs. &.

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