The Best of Nova

Everyone thinks that their college is the best. Maybe I’m the same way and that’s why I love Nova so much.

…Or maybe everyone else is wrong and Villanova is just the best. (I think it’s the latter).

Regardless, this is my Best Of list for Nova. For the underclassman reading, soak up every one of these things. For the seniors who have less than a week here, sorry for the nostalgia.

The Oreo during spring. It doesn’t get more college than this.

When the trees bloom by the church. You probably Instagrammed it. (I did. No shame).

Actually… the church all year round. It basically IS Nova. Oh and mass on Sunday. Especially when Father Joe starts using props.

Country music playing in Connelly. I personally enjoy this little thing that most people probably don’t notice. And pomegranate iced teas from Connelly Holy Grounds. (Best enjoyed on the Oreo during the spring.)

The grassy knoll. TBT to frosh year. On the same note… The Sparket. Nothing better than a Sparket pizza.

The quad. I never personally lived there, but I hear it’s a good time.

SpO. One of the happiest, most inspiring weekends of the year.

Your favorite deli on campus. Everyone has one. I still stand by Connelly over Second Storey but I digress. And since I’m a fan of Connelly… grilled chicken sandwiches and green beans. It makes you think you’re being healthy when you’re really not.

Tolentine. Come on, it has a special place in your heart. Somewhere. Deep down.

The random fountain. Nice touch Nova. Maybe we should have used the money on Tolentine….

Breaktrips. Hopefully if you haven’t gone on one yet, you’ll get to. And for those of you who have gone, I know exactly how close a group of strangers can get in a week.

Late night CampCo. Drunkenly or soberly. (Shout out to my Senior project group. I ate more CampCo with you last semester than all my four years combined.)

That one professor that changed you in some way. There’s at least one that taught you something & changed how you look at life. If you’re lucky, there was more than one.

Falvey during finals. Let’s be real, we only went there to more to socialize than study.

Seniors: that time we rushed the court in one week. Epic. Or honestly, just hearing “Let’s go Nova!” chant in the Pavilion. Gotta love throwing up your V’s.

Jay Wright. (Need I say more?)

Your favorite coffee shop on the Main Line. (You all know mine.)

The admissions small conference room. This one is for you, Blue Key. Y’all know this one well. And of course, Candidate’s Day. #ballooncrewforever #tourguidechristmas #stillhatekhakis

Getting drunk at the Bridge House. (We’ve all done it at least once). Kelly’s on a Thursday. Especially when they play the Wobble (always reminds me of Orientation, shoutout to everyone on staff the past two years who’ve wobbled with me more than once). Formals. In general. Especially getting on sketchy buses and going to Paddy Whack’s every other day for two weeks.

The bells at 8 p.m. I only truly appreciated the Alma mater once I realized I wouldn’t hear it every day.

Here’s to my last week in the Nova Nation &  it being the best home I could ever ask for. #gocatz.&.

{What are some of your bests of Nova–I definitely forgot some! Comment below!}


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