Likes & Favorites: Don’t forget about me!

I haven’t forgotten about you! Or Likes & Favorites for that matter. My life just sort of exploded with work and job applications (classic senior year right?) and the only thing I really liked over the past couple weeks was sleep and the only time I favorited something was on Twitter while I procrastinated. But I’m back. With some cool websites and some apps and some typical Kasia-esque experiences. Read on, friends.

Formal dresses for days. 

It is that time of year again: FORMAL SEASON. Aka time to raid your friends’ closets for dresses and scramble to get ready after night class so you can make the bus on time. I don’t think I’ve bought a dress for a formal since freshman year (because as a freshman, you think that formals actually represent special events, while as a senior you realize that it’s just another night to drink with your friends). But since this is my final formal season, I decided to put a little bit of effort into it (emphasis on the words “little bit”) and get a couple ~*new*~ dresses. If you’re tired of cheaply-made-borderline-slutty-in-a-bad-way dresses from Forever21, check out these two websites. Lulu’s has a variety of choices that range in price and style (check out their maxi-dress selection–to die for), while ASOS just has an overwhelming amount of dresses in general (use the promocode 20STUDENTS to get 20% off. You’re welcome). Find that perfect LBD, ladies. You can do it.

I’m a drama queen, duh. 

…And I like white wine. So imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon Middle Sister Wine and found out that the pino grigio was the “Drama Queen” sister. Match made in heaven. Highly recommend it (it’s cheap and has a fun tangy taste). Not sure what sister you are? Take this quiz and find your perfect vino. Cheers.

FullSizeRender (1) copy

Getting rejected. 

Doesn’t seem like this would be something to like, right? I promise I’m not crazy (or maybe I am, to be determined), but I’m trying to be positive here. Last week I got rejected for a position that I really wanted and spent a significant amount of time on applying. While they’re going to consider me for other positions in the future, I was bummed, obviously. So to distract myself, I started applying like CRAZY to other editorial positions (okay maybe I am insane, normal people would just eat ice cream…) Even though writing a million cover letters was less than fun, it actually got me really excited for how many opportunities there are out there. My life is literally a blank slate and I can do anything and go anywhere I want. Yea that’s hella scary, but really exciting.

Being washed up and brunchin’. 

It’s official. I’m a washed up senior. Meaning? I have no leadership roles as of Tuesday when I picked my replacement for the Blue Key Society’s executive board. It’s kind of weird not having extra responsibilities but at the same time, I’m pretty ready for a break. To celebrate being washed up, my two other friends in the same boat and I went to The Silverspoon in Wayne for brunch. I got pumpkin vanilla french toast and my basic points went through the roof.

Digital Shoeboxes. 

My sister just told me about an app called Shoebox which automatically backs up all your pictures on your phone to an iCloud-esque website that you can access on your computer. If the regular iCloud freaks you out, Shoebox is a (free) app to answer all your problems. This comes at a great time for me because my laptop is being held hostage in the tech zone (again) and I probably lost all my other pictures anyways. Womp.

Liking homework/coffee dates (when I wrote this) & favoriting deleting my bracket app and otherwise pretending March MSadness doesn’t exists (Love you Nova, forever & always).

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