Likes & Favorites: Valentine’s Day Edition

Happy belated Heart Day! If you know me well enough, I pretty much hate Valentine’s Day. I’m all about the love and friendship, but less about the expectations and cheesey Hallmark cards. (Seriously, all I want is a normal, middle-of-the-road card to say I care about someone. None of this wordy, overly romantic nonsense). But this past Valentine’s Day was surprisingly wonderful. It turned out to be a relaxing weekend full of love, which is what it’s supposed to be right? Here’s what I was liking:

Treat yo self .

“JD, I need this.” I was in Lululemon with my friend JD when I found this amazing quarter zip pull-over (that was on sale!!!). I was looking for a yoga shirt, but I couldn’t take my eyes (or hands) off the quarter zip (which, again, was on saaaaale).”Do you really need it?” JD asked. “No…” I said. “Well, do you have the money for it?” “Um… sorta?” “Whatever, treat yo self.” So I did. Call it my Valentine’s Day gift to myself.

Brunch for brunch’s sake.

I’m the biggest proponent of brunch, mostly because I’m basic and that’s part of the job description. So I got brunch TWICE this weekend. One included roses and the other, mimosas. Aka I’m a lucky girl. Plus I was in fabulous company both times. I’m really thankful that I have people in my life who truly care about me.

Painting with Julebaby.

My roomie Julie is the artist of the apartment. Really, if you walk into 205, the first thing you’ll see is a wall covered in colorful paintings. All Julie. Because it was Valentine’s Day and it was cold and snowy, Julie decided to paint all day, so I joined her. Beautiful art (by Julie), a pretty cool Ampersand (by me), and some cute candids (courtesy of Madeline) followed.

The cutest love song.

Just listen, be happy and feel the love.

Yoga with friends.

I ended my Valentine’s weekend with yoga which was awesome. Even more awesome? I took my friend Tony who has literally never done yoga in his life. It takes a lot of courage to go and I was super impressed how he truly embraced the practice. If anyone ever wants to come to a FREE yoga class with me (at Prana House Yoga aka the best studio ever ever ever), I’ll be more than happy to lend you my extra mat.

Tony takes yoga.

Tony takes yoga.

Liking the girls of 205 killing it this weekend & favoriting feelin’ all the love & friendship.

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