Likes & Favorites: Super Senior Weekend

This weekend was epic. Thursday marked 100 Days until Graduation (um yea what?), so the majority of the senior class went to a ticket party (#tbt to freshman year anyone?). Friday, my parents came for an awards dinner (Where Father Peter mentioned that we only had 99 days until graduation, thanks FP) and I took them to the bars after (more later). Then on 98 days until graduation (now that I’m super aware of how many days until the G word), aka Saturday, Nova beat Georgetown by 98 points (just kidding, it was only 16 points, but who’s counting?) I pretty much liked this whole weekend but here are some other things I’ve favorited this week.

Parents & Bars

Post fancy award dinner, I took my parents to the bars. Yup, the legendary Main Line Bars themselves. It was super fun because a bunch of my friends brought their parents too and we basically took over the first floor. It was so funny to hear about the hole-in-the-wall places my dad used to go to when he was in college and I’ll never forget dancing with my mom to Brown Eyed Girl. I love my parents to death and to be honest, I wouldn’t be at Villanova without them. I’m glad I go to share a beer with them during my senior year, at my favorite bar better yet.

What’s a Hoya?

So Nova and Georgetown have a pretty big rivalry (remember 1985?). G-town beat us a few weeks ago (please don’t talk about it), so beating them on Saturday felt even more glorious. And of course, in true Nova fashion, there was a HUGE tailgate at Wells Fargo which is always a good time. Friends & basketball? What could be better.

{This is second semester}

Hot Men with Puppies.

There’s an Instagram devoted to hot men with puppies. (@menwithpups). I don’t think I need to say anything more about this.

um hi.

{you’re welcome.}

Thanks Kris for the Music

Over Christmas, my sister told me to check out Hozier’s whole album which I meant to right after that but sorta forgot BUT I refound it this week. It’s good. Really good. Faves of mine include “Jackie and Wilson” and “From Eden.”

50 Shades of Spoofs

As well all know, 50 Shades of Grey comes out this upcoming Valentine’s Day weekend. No doubt about it, the regular trailer is down right provocative. And you better believe Ellen’s spoof on it is down right hilarious.

{PS. Single ladies, if you’re feeling sad about being single this V-Day–which you shouldn’t, btw, because it’s a made up holiday–just remember that everyone’s S.O. will never be as good looking as Channing Tatum. Here. See his abs and rejoice.}

Liking getting over a cold & Favoriting sitting on my couch for an extended period of time for the first time all week.

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