Likes & Favorites: Home for the holidays

In the 27 hours I’ve been home, I’ve:

  1. Had a decent meal that does not include pizza, milkshakes or an excessive amount of carbs
  2. Picked out a Christmas tree
  3. Strung lights on said Christmas tree
  4. Baked 4 dozen cookies
  5. Listened to 3 hours of Christmas music
  6. Watched 2 and 1/2 Christmas movies
  7. Sat by a crackling fire

Safe to say, the most wonderful time of the year is full swing in the Jaworski house. Time to be merry, y’all.

I love Old Movies.

My roomies don’t agree, but I love old movies. One of my favorites is White Christmas with Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby. I truly believe I was born in the wrong time, so maybe that’s why I love these old movies so much. (And this one in particular because it’s all about Christmas.) Even if they’re not your style, at least appreciate the amazing dancing, vintage style and Vera-Ellen’s killer bod.

{Why can’t we dress/dance like this^ today??}

Say yes to sangria.

After my senior project presentation last week, my group and I went out for drinks. I got the house sangria and I’ve wanted to make some ever since. This one I found on Pinterest looks super festive and easy.  Here’s how to make it. Cheers to sangria and Christmas cocktails in general.

Say yes to sangria

A very Aca-Christmas.

Continuing on the acapella note from last week, Pentatonix has a Christmas album. You should listen. I guarantee you’ll like it. And if you don’t, then I question your taste in music.

All of the Cookies.

Every year, my mom, sister and I spend a full day baking Christmas cookies. If baking cookies doesn’t get you into the spirit, I don’t know what will. Our favorite cookies to make are called “Spritz cookies.” They’re by far the most time consuming and so worth every second. I would give you the recipe that’s been in my family for generations, but it’s a secret.

WildCats love Orange Juice.

And probably my most favorite moment of this week (and not to mention the BEST way to start break) was witnessing Villanova beat Syracuse in basketball. If you know anything about Nova bball, you know that playing Syracuse is an emotional roller coaster, complete with near heart attacks, abundant cursing and the occasional tears. This year, my dad and sister joined me in the student section for probably one of the best games I’ve ever witnessed. Click here for the highlights of the game. And here to see us literally losing our minds when we made it to overtime.

always a nationer


Liking sitting on my comfy couch & Favoriting Christmas tree smell.

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