Likes & Favorites: Happy Turkey Day!

The week of Thanksgiving not only means Tuesday feeling like Friday (what up 5 day weekend), but also that I get to listen to Christmas music without getting too many guilt trips (My friends are super strict about waiting until the day after Thanksgiving, but I just can’t wait that long. I started last week, shhhh…). Oh and of course there’s that whole Thanksgiving dinner thing with friends & family, turkey & gravy, food comas & football. Over all, I like Thanksgiving week, but here are some specifics.

The Philly Marathon

This past Sunday, I attended the Philadelphia Marathon to watch my father run his 10th (read it again, 10th) marathon. I can’t fathom running more than 5 miles, let alone 26.2 TEN times. We only got to see my dad once on the course (we missed him in the crowds at mile 6 and were too late at 13), but we did see him cross the finish line. The look of relief, happiness and pride on my dad’s face, much like the dozens of runners we saw crossing that line, was nothing short of inspiring. Made me want to run more. Maybe.

JoeJaws and his favorite ladies

Feeling Funky, thanks to Bruno

I was driving home from class and Mark Ronson’s (ft. Bruno Mars) song “Uptown Funk” came on. With a little Michael Jackson feel and some pretty groovy beats, it became an immediate jam. I showed it to my sister, the music guru. She likes it. So it must be good.

Black Friday

I’m not the biggest fan of shopping with thousands of people (does anyone really enjoy that?), but I have been checking out some DSW boots that I wouldn’t mind fighting the lines for. Plus, retail’s best (or worst?) day is the perfect inspiration for funny gifs and even funnier commentary.

Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallows

This past weekend, my friends and I had our annual Friendsgiving. (Click here to read about last years!) Like always, I made my sweet potato casserole, with marshmallows and all. It’s always a fan favorite with my family but I didn’t expect it to be a hit with all my friends! Considering I had a number of people ask me how to make this super-easy-yet-delicious dish, here’s the recipe if you wanna impress your mom by offering to cook something for tomorrow.

It's like a grown up way to eat marshmallows.

Finding out Blanket Scarves Exist

I was Pinteresting (obviously) and stumbled upon this beauuuutiful plaid scarf that I immediately fell in love with. Upon clicking on it, I found out that it was a BLANKET scarf. Yes, a scarf that keeps your neck warm and then your whole body warm. Scarves are one of the few reasons I like winter (disclaimer: I really hate winter), and now that I know that there’s something so stylish that can also keep me warm =Game changer. Your move winter.

one of my most favorite pins, ever.

Liking Thanksgiving break & favoriting writing this by a fire.

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