To All the Seniors

Dearest Seniors,

By the time you read this, you’ve probably gone through Commencement (you’ve been “commenced”? Can you make that an adjective? You know what I mean!). I can hardly believe it, so I doubt you can. I guess that makes it official, huh? Even though I know that it makes it official, I’m still denying that you’re graduating. I like you too much. You can’t leave.

When last year’s seniors graduated, it didn’t really phase me. No offense to them, I just didn’t have as many close friends in the class of 2013. But this year is a different story. Of course I knew graduation was coming (how could I not, with all the Instagram hashtags of how many days were left), but I purposefully ignored it. Wouldn’t speak of it, didn’t do goodbyes, completely changed the subject if the “g” word came up.  I specifically did not think about you guys leaving until midway through finals week. That’s when it hit me like a brick wall.

I was working at Holy Grounds, like I do every Wednesday morning, and a handful of seniors stopped by. Those I had met in class, or during service break trips. Friends of friends, and just those regulars who still have the old wildcard (the one that only SENIORS would have). It made me stop for a moment and realize that next semester, I wouldn’t see those familiar faces stopping by to get coffee. Next semester, you guys will be starting all new adventures.

I’m not just going to miss those seniors whom I’m close to, those special people that I can have heart to hearts with, or text fairly regularly. Of course I’ll miss you guys, but I’m also going to miss the seniors whom I don’t see every day, the ones I occasionally run into at the library, in Connelly during the lunch rush, or in Admissions shooting the breeze. The seniors that I wave to on campus, chat with waiting for Cafe Nova pizzas, and hug when I’m out at the bars. I’m really going to miss you guys too. You’ve become such a part of my daily existence, woven into my routine, and represent that Villanova community (I know, so cliche of me, bringing up the Villanova community in a graduation post haha). I may not see you every day, and we may not talk all the time, but without you there, it’s going to be different.

This class of 2014 has impacted me since day one of my Villanova experience, and I just want to say thank you. You were my close friend from high school showing me the way, my OC who has truly been an OC for life, my RUIBAL/Breaktrip/ESCAPE leaders who have inspired me. You were the first tour I shadowed, my unofficial “big” outside of a sorority, my birthday-buddy-mentor-life-coach, and my Orientation leader whom I aspire to be like. You guys represent warmth and welcoming, hugs and laughter. You are not just friends, but role models, and I will truly miss all of you.

During on of the last days of finals, I was out at Kelly’s and saw a senior that I wish I had gotten to know sooner. After a huge hug and in a state of drunken love, she said to me, “You guys are the ones who will follow. Make it good.” It’s gunna be tough, considering you guys raised the bar pretty high. If I end up half as cool as you guys next year, I would consider that a success.

I’ll leave you with this: While I know you all “sprinted the marathon (and hydrated)” during Senior week, I hope that tomorrow goes by slowly so you can enjoy every moment. Soak it all in. You guys are Villanova, and always will be Villanova. I’m sure you’re tired of hearing it, but Congratulations! You guys did it. :) Shake every day to pieces, rock the world, and #GoCatz.

Here’s to the class of 2014 & always being a wildcat.

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