The Last Lone Laptop

Oh the woes of technology. Most of the time it’s great, but we all know that when computers crash and  the internet doesn’t respond, it takes every fiber of your being not to throw your laptop at the wall.

My first two years at Villanova I had a Dell. It only crashed twice (compared to some other people, that’s a pretty good record), and both times the Tech Zone was able to fix it in a matter of seconds. It always amazed me that with a few clicks of the mouse and a jumble of computer code, those Tech Wizards could save my computer, and simultaneously, my sanity. So when my pretty Macbook Pro (creatively named “Mac”) started acting up (damn you spinning color wheel of death…), I assumed that those same Tech Wizards could work their magic again and alleviate my building frustration.


In between classes, I wandered over to the Tech Zone, explained my problem, and was promised that my Mac would be back by the end of the week. An Apple specialist would be working on it, so it was in good hands. As for a replacement laptop, they did not have any loaners left (I guess a lot of people are having tech issues…), but I should check back because they are returned periodically throughout the week.

A couple hours go by. At first, I’m fine, thinking that no laptop=an abundance of productivity because I would have no distractions. That positivity lasted about 3 minutes and was instantly replaced with feelings of insecurity, fear, vulnerability, and anxiety. I felt as if I were hopelessly and aimlessly wandering around, envious of everyone else’s laptop and so incredibly lost without mine.

A day goes by. I call the Tech Zone. My computer is still being “looked at.” There are no loaner laptops. My anxiety heightens, only slightly alleviated when I borrow my roommate’s laptop to check my emails and upload an assignment.

Another day passes. I call again. Mac is still “being repaired.” I’m sorry, there are still no loaner laptops. Keep checking back. My world is crashing down (which is appropriate because so did Mac).

A third day passes. I call once again.

Me: “Hi, it’s Kasia Jaworski… again… I’m just checking on my laptop!”

Kind voice of a Tech Wizard: “I just checked, and it seems like it’s still being looked at.” (It’s clear that this phrase means “no one’s looked it”).

Me: “Oh okay. Well I sorta really need a laptop this weekend, ya know with papers and assignments piling up before finals… Will it be fixed by today? Monday?” (EVER??!)

Tech Wizard: “I can’t really say because I don’t really know….”

Me (cutting him off, getting down to business): “Alright that’s okay, but are there any loaner laptops available? Again, I sorta really need one.”

Tech Wizard: “Well there is one here…”

Me (in clear disbelief): “OMG SERIOUSLY? If I’m there in 15 minutes will it still be there?!”

Tech Wizard: *laughs* “If no one else comes to claim it!”

Me: “I’LL SEE YOU SOON!” *hangs up, sprints to room to throw a random assortment of binders and pens into a bag, hoping it’s the right supplies for that morning’s class*

I proceed to RUN from my apartment across campus to claim the LAST lone laptop that I DESPERATELY needed. 15 seconds into my jog, I thought two things:

1. “Why did I even bother going to the gym this morning?” and

2. “Why the hell did I wear flip-flops? Of ALL my shoes, these were the worst. I would have been better in flats. Or even heels.” (Don’t underestimate my ability to run in heels. Catching cabs and formal buses has really paid off).

I continued to audibly flip-flop my way through campus, almost running over  a perspective family visiting for accepted students weekend, which is like cardinal sin number one for a tour guide. But that didn’t slow me down. Clearly, this was a matter of life or death.

I make it to the Tech Zone, probably looking bewildered, lost, and sweaty. Two people were talking to the Wizards at the front desk and I couldn’t help but silently hate them for potentially stealing MY loaner laptop. The extremely bored looking Wizard called me over.

Montone Wizard: “Can I help you?”

Me (breathless): “YES! Can I please have a loaner laptop?”

Montone Wizard (the epitome of bored): “Is your actual laptop even here?”

Me (rambling): “Yes, I have a Mac, and it’s been here forever, and I really need it back because I have SO much to do this weekend and I just…

Montone Wizard (cutting me off): “I’ll go get a loaner.”

I peer over to the other student in the office, who was filling out a form for a loaner laptop. I pray that it’s not MY loaner, or I might just collapse and cry, right there in the Tech Zone. Monotone Wizard comes back, loaner laptop in hand.

Me (ecstatic and not trying to hide it): “THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

Monotone Wizard (still monotone): “Yea no problem, just fill out these forms.” *gives me forms.* “Oh, and I just moved your Mac to the Apple Technicians desk so he should look at it soon.”

Me (looking up in disbelief): “He hasn’t looked at it yet?”

Monotone Wizard (clearly not amused by my visit): “No, it was on another shelf for a while. You have to remember that these things don’t take like 30 seconds to fix. Sometimes it takes longer.”

Me (defiantly, or I think it came off like that): “Well, maybe I should just take it to Apple next time.” *tucks loaner laptop under arm and swiftly walks out*


I treated myself to an iced caramel latte on my way to class. While I’m flabbergasted at why my obvious APPLE computer was not given to the APPLE technician sooner than today, my anxiety has significantly decreased as I currently type away on the last lone laptop. It just goes to show you that squeaky wheels get fixed, it’s possible to run in flip-flops, and not all Wizards are magical.

Here’s to my obvious dependence on technology & Mac getting well soon.

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